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About Us

Founded in 1977, Severson Plumbing & Mechanical Inc. has been serving Central Oregon with quality plumbing services including new commercial construction as well as service and repair. Owners Dave and Elaine Severson attribute the success and longevity of their business to the values they consistently apply regardless of downturns in the local economy which make maintaining quality of business more difficult.

What We Value

Severson Plumbing has the utmost respect for our industry and the ways in which it is regulated. We are dedicated to maintaining the fundamentals of quality regardless of severe fluctuations in our local market.


We are very proud of our long term, talented, well trained crew of plumbers for whom; • We pay the industry standard for wages ( to keep them in our local community)

• We provide health insurance and other benefits to help them support their families

• We provide ongoing professional education to ensure that their technical skills are on the cutting edge of the industry


• When markets are down, we focus on “Value Engineering”, an expertise in helping customers find legitimate ways to save money rather than reckless slashing of pricing just to get the job and with intent to make it back up on later changes.

• We are now implementing “flat rate pricing” for service and repair. This method is based on an initial assessment by the plumber so that the customer knows exactly what they will pay before the work starts.


Severson Plumbing has managed to stay sound financially through the recent upheavals in our local market. Well insured and bonded, with good credit and minimal debt, we are well positioned to take on big jobs and assure customers that we will not default on any job cost, putting the customer in jeopardy.


As long term residents and business owners, we have strong ties to Central Oregon and strive to support and give back to our Central Oregon Community which we are so proud to be a part of. The recognition that economic downturns affect programs that serve those in need as much as businesses like ours, we intend to consistently give as much as we possibly can.We have and will continue to support as able, Grandma’s House, Bethlehem Inn, Kid’s Center, Habitat for Humanity, Bend HS sports, 4-H, Shriners, and others.